Form & Thread

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Doing simple things exceptionally well shapes everything Form & Thread does. The brand uses the finest materials to develop considered menswear essentials that defy seasonal trends and stand the test of time.

Form & Thread’s perfectly judged wardrobe essentials bring together simplicity of design, the finest materials and a transparently ethical approach. This is a collection with an ethos that transcends trends and conventional fashion seasons. And when it comes to Form & Thread sizing, things are just as simple.

Fabrics are organic cottons and the latest technical materials, ethically sourced from long standing suppliers in Italy and Portugal. Styles and colour tones are relaxed and timeless, with a cut that’s perfectly judged. Form & Thread is a label of our time, for all times.

Form & Thread’s favoured cut is relaxed, while retaining a certain restrained elegance. The emphasis is on comfort, while retaining the label’s signature understated, tailored feel. Sizing is generally correct to your habitual clothing size, and the only way to discover the real essence of the Form & Thread spirit is to try these pieces for yourself.

Shirts can be ordered a size larger, ideal for wearing over a Form & Thread T-shirt. This is one of those rare labels that can form a complete look: under-the-radar elegant. Add to that Form & Thread’s rigorous ethics and the result is menswear that’s easy to wear, in every sense.