Acre & Row

Acre & Row is a menswear brand founded by Dav Sehra in June 2020 with the aim to combine Savile Row’s soul with streetwear’s ease.

Its approach to menswear is influenced from across the sartorial world: taking notes from the durable and structured fabrics found in British tailoring; the relaxed and unconstructed Italian fit; and the casual form popularised by 1920’s Ivy League.

As the founder said in an interview with Robb Report: “I started off thinking about streetwear, not tailoring,” he explains, noting that the breakthrough came from “merging the relaxed and fluid aspects of streetwear with the precision and structure of tailoring.”

His goal?
“Comfort with a sense of formality.”

Dav Sehra started his career as a freelance pattern cutter for small UK based brands, he then immersed himself into the world of tailoring. Spending the last 7 years within the spheres of bespoke and made to measure, he decided it was time to create his own dialogue and conversation within menswear.

Acre & Row draws on deep familiarity with classics of the male wardrobe: the hardy work jacket, the over-shirt, the elegantly draped English tailored trouser. It has all the hallmarks of classic menswear but, unlike the traditional stuff, is rendered with a light touch.

Sehra is committed to having Acre & Row’s garments be painstakingly sourced and produced in small batches locally, and the brand follows the philosophy of “buying less but buying quality”.

After all, a man’s wardrobe needn’t be a complicated endeavour.

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