Image courtesy of Velasca

Velasca Milano

Tradition, passion, and innovation come to life with Velasca.
From tassel loafers to leather sneakers, Velasca’s handmade Italian shoes can be teamed with anything from jeans to black tie.

Launched in May of 2013 by friends Enrico Casati and Jacopo Sebastio, the brand stands firm in their ethos: create high-quality Italian products at fair prices.
All made in Italy.
Velasca transcends the ever-changing trends of fashion to deliver a timeless style that values tradition — like the time-honoured secrets passed down from a father to his son.

The name Velasca comes from the famous Milanese tower, Torre Velasca. The building stands out in the city skyline and is a symbol of Milan – the hub for Italian business and politics. There in Milan you’ll find the men formally dressed, no matter the profession – in none other than handmade Italian shoes.

Velasca’s shoes are made with passion and unique Italian expertise, ensuring your shoes will last a lifetime. The brand believes high quality craftsmanship should be accessible to all and, by leveraging innovations with online shopping, it’s able to cut out the middle-man and connect its artisans to the people.

All the products are made in the heart of Italy ― in Montegranaro, the Marche region ― where the whole urban fabric is built on the craft of shoemaking. Together with the artisans, Velasca selects the best materials to get that kind of quality you expect in their products.

If you wear Church’s, Tricker’s or Edward Green, you will love Velasca. Don’t be fooled by the price either, Velasca is made to last and its large array of colors and leathers will satiate the needs of both the traditional and modern gentleman.

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