Reflections Around an Old Fashioned

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It’s easy to get lost in the vast deep sea of cocktail variety. And I guess we’ve all found ourselves there at some point in life. We are creatures of belonging: we need to find ourselves, our identity, where we belong. It happens in music, in fashion… and in spirits.

And it’s when this season knocks on my door that I’m reminded of when I started having my favorite cocktail of all times: the Old Fashioned. That famous crispness in the air accompanying the brown leaves on the ground, the autumn scent, the rainy days, and colder nights. The year’s sunset that, at least in my case, comes with a lot of reflective days. It’s when I start recalling what I’ve done right and wrong throughout the months, and I appreciate the opportunities I’ve been given.

This is when the Old Fashioned hits differently. The orange aroma with its consistency and  the sweet flavor of Bourbon get me in the best mood to enjoy a good conversation, even if it’s with myself. Everyone needs to talk to themselves, and I tend to do that a lot. For those less familiar, the Old Fashioned also has a story, as it’s arguably the first cocktail in history.

I get sometimes drawn out to how many stories have unfolded around a glass of Old Fashioned throughout the years and centuries. It’s astounding to consider how many decisions or life-changing memories have taken place around them. Whether you’re a cocktail enthusiast, a regular Old Fashioned drinker, or simply searching for something new, take this as a sign to go for it. May these good stories from past and present times reach you around a glass of Old Fashioned. Or that conversation with yourself that has been pending for some time. Or perhaps that great new idea that’s been lingering in your mind will finally strike.


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