Artknit Studios

Artknit Studios is a proudly Italian brand based in Biella, the capital of the wool: the World’s prime manufacturers area in the textile district of the Italian pre-Alpine valleys, a landscape that has been deeply committed to the textile culture for centuries.

Along with its beautiful Italian views, it’s an extraordinary place where everything began with a strong vocation for quality and sustainability.

Here Artknit Studios is setting the new standards of The Modern House of Knitwear.

The brand – founded in 2018 – combines the best artisan Italian makers, along with the finest fabrics to produce luxury fashion at an affordable price. That means the same quality you’d get from a high-end brand, but at a price that’s more favorable, thanks to their entirely digital approach to distribution.

Their pieces are contemporary and cool, in neutral shades that make them wearable essentials. And with their modern approach to design, they’re crafted to fit your lifestyle – for years to come.

Artknit Studios wants to move things in the right direction by providing their community with direct access to superior quality products made by the best Italian manufacturers at true cost.

Their motto is: “Buy less, Buy better”.

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