Secret clubs

Imagine the situation: it’s around midnight, you arrive at a poorly lit door with a small shutter, knock three times, the shutter slides open, and you whisper, “Johnny doesn’t wear rubber boots” (sorry, my secret password ingenuity isn’t world-class) and you are let into a room with your fellow members of the “club”. Who here haven’t watched “Dead Poets’ Society” and felt intrigued by the mystery? My guess is most of us.

In the real world though, few “clubs” demand a password and a dodgy scene. They are often very open communities, where we can share our passions and thoughts. But it still provides us with a sense of fellowship and tells us that what we have is special.

For as long as I can remember, I have always been fascinated with secret clubs, brotherhoods, fraternities, or societies surrounding a certain mindset; there is something about the mutual (and often unsaid) understanding and cohesion with another human being, maybe not noticeable for the people around you – but you two “knows what’s up”.

Back in the day, when an Alfa Romeo was a rare sight on the roads (in Denmark anyway), there was an unwritten rule and mutual understanding, that when one Alfa Romeo owner crossed paths with another Alfa Romeo owner, they would greet each other in the passing; a subtle nod, wave, or flash of the headlights. When my father taught me of this “secret” community, I immediately understood, that driving an Alfa Romeo was something special: The Alfisti.

In September “the lost son” returned behind the steering wheel of the scudetto adorned vehicles from Milano, and right away, happily experiencing that the code is still being upheld by the devotees; and the acknowledging smiles and nods that it brings says it all.

Whether you are a part of RedBar, a Harvard Ivy Club member, a regular at the local speakeasy bar or simply cruising down the road greeting a fellow Alfist, I believe that it is a part of the gentleman’s code to uphold and contribute to the future and persistence of these “clubs”, because they truly do provide something special to the communities.

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