How Your Daily Essentials Can Define Your Day

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I want to begin this article with a confession. I honestly never considered the items I carried with me daily and how they contributed to what I did or did not do. I never considered what I kept in my desk drawer at the office. That was until Frank intervened. Who is Frank? Frank Martin, yes that’s right, Jason Statham’s character in the movie The Transporter. It was after one of the epic fight scenes, Frank goes to the trunk of his car and takes out a crisp white shirt to replace what he had on and I paused wondering… what have I been missing?

I took a closer look at what I considered my daily essentials and it was nothing more than my dopp kit with toiletries. To the average guy having a dopp kit may be all you need but is it all that defines your day?

How often have we overlooked the importance of our daily essentials in shaping our day? These essentials could be anything from having a tumbler to keep our coffee hot during our commute, to the watch we wear. Think of the times you left home without an item and felt naked without it.

A gentleman might carry a variety of items on a typical day, including his beloved fountain pen, a notebook, sunglasses, a camera, or even a tin of Altoids. Each item would have a different psychological effect on its carrier. For instance, keeping a notebook handy can help you plan your daily tasks. You may feel more in charge of your day if you have a designated place to record your thoughts.

Not having these essentials can lead to feeling as though something is missing and we don’t feel ourselves. We may feel like we’re running behind schedule or not accomplishing as much as we could. The absence of our daily essentials can throw off our routine, disrupt productivity and keep us from engaging in activities.

From the outside looking in, our daily essentials may seem insignificant, but they can have a significant impact on our day. Whether it’s the notebook for our thoughts, the watch we wear, or the dopp kit to ensure we practice proper hygiene, each of these items can shape our mood, and our overall sense of well-being. By taking the time to choose the right essentials and incorporating them into our daily routine, we can set ourselves up for success and have a more fulfilling day, and yes I started leaving a fresh shirt properly folded in my desk drawer too, thanks to Frank.

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