A Conversation With Mr. Christian Lawlor

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Meet Christian Lawlor (@christianlawlordublin), menswear entrepreneur from Dublin, Ireland.

1. Give us a short introduction about yourself:

My name is Christian Lawlor, and I live in Dublin, Ireland. I’m the founder of menswear brand Kempt Dublin.

2. How do you define your style?

As I’ve gotten older, I think I definitely lean towards a more timeless style. What I wear now compared to what I wore ten years ago hasn’t really changed and is still relevant.

3. What does it mean for you to be a Modern Gentleman?

It’s about having the confidence to be your own person and not to be swayed by passing trends, while still being aware that the world around you is constantly changing. And, of course, having good manners.

4. When it comes to style, where do you mostly get your inspiration from?

I suppose general observations of people. I love to travel and watch both men and women and how they dress and carry themselves. I can be equally inspired by the colour tones a woman is wearing as I am to the garments a man is donning.  Major european cities such as London, Paris, Frankfurt and also their airports are all places where I will always come across some sort of idea of an outfit for the following week. Interestingly, I noticed they generally all share some sort of common look.

5. What’s your personal style signifier? 

Quality. It’s something you can see a mile off. From well tailored shirts to well crafted shoes, quality has a unique way of shining through.

6. What are your favorite wardrobe essentials?

For shirts, it’s the staples: crisp whites and light blues. Then, knitwear in wool, either lambswool or cashmere if your budget allows. And finally shoes: for me loafers are a must; brown leathers and suedes are what I’ll mainly wear.

7. What are your main passions and how do you cultivate them?

There is a very creative spark within me. I have loved to cook for over twenty years and I do a lot of it at home: re-creating great and flavorsome dishes for my family and friends is a real passion. It took a while to understand it, but I think this creative streak was a big part of what drove me to found Kempt.

8. What does your ideal Sunday look like?

Its very varied, actually: some Sundays can be very lazy and some can be active. Some start with a big breakfast for everyone, while others can just be tea and toast. The dog is a constant, though: he’ll always get out for a walk mid morning, right before I perhaps start prepping for a nice Sunday lunch.

9. Describe an interesting trip you have taken and tell us what’s the next destination on your bucket list.

I’ve worked and travelled in Spain for many years. It has some great cities, which all have their unique specialities, but earlier this year, I visited Seville for the first time. I found it amazing and as far as I’m concerned, the nearest thing to what a Spanish city would look like in somebody’s imagination. My next scheduled trip is to the Pitti Uomo fair in Florence this coming June.

10. Tell us what can never be missing in your liquor cabinet.

The only spirit I really drink is Gin, and I love a simple gin & tonic. But all the other usual suspects are there and ready to be used if I want one of the many great gin cocktails out there: from a Martini or Negroni, to a Hanky Panky or French 75, my cabinet always has me covered!

11. What are your three favorite books?

Tough one. I like crime fiction and recently started Jeffery Archer’s William Warwick series. For some reason I started with the last book in the series, but went back to the start and am now making my way through them. I’d say any three from the collection can easily make my top list.

12. What are your three favorite movies?

Another tough one. A recent would be The Gentlemen, an 80’s possibly Mississippi Burning and and oldie maybe The Third Man for a bit of noir.

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