A Conversation With Mr. Oliver Mumby

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Meet Oliver Mumby (@olivermumby), the Creative Director of Savile Row-based Cad & The Dandy.

1. Give us a short introduction about yourself.

My name is Oliver Mumby, I live in Battersea and I am the Creative Director for Cad & The Dandy on Savile Row.

2. How do you define your style?

My style is always simple, I have a “less is more” approach. I prefer to blend neutral shades through a tailored silhouette, to create something effortless. Whether at work, home, or traveling, so I just wear clothes that I feel comfortable in, that work across multiple fields and pair effortlessly.

3. What does it mean for you to be a Modern Gentleman?

In my view, a modern gentleman is someone who is confident, well mannered and approaches life with a calm, generous and curious drive. Ideally, he’s surrounded by a fantastic group of people.

4. When it comes to style, where do you mostly get your inspiration from?

Mostly from my travels. For my job I normally take around 40 flights a year and that takes me to some far flung places around the world. You can see the most amazing colours and embroidery in India, the most incredible craftsmanship in Italy and well dressed men all over the world. I would hate to stop traveling for so many reasons, but mostly as it is such a source of inspiration.

5. What’s your personal style signifier?

I always wear a high waisted trouser, usually cut to sit just above the shoe. I have worn this style for years and like most people who discover this cut, I find it hard to go back, its just more comfortable and flattering.

6. What are your favorite wardrobe essentials?

I have quite a few treasured garments that have become essentials: last year I had a tweed jacket made in a very muted, dark brown and navy cloth from Lovat in Scotland. It’s totally unstructured, so it looks like a classic coarse tweed, but wears like a well-worn cardigan. I also have some bespoke jeans, our first ever sample, that we tailored with a higher rise to pair better with formal wear: they work brilliantly with the tweed jacket, for example. They fit far better than any jeans on the market and are supremely comfortable. Lastly, if my house was on fire, I would grab my dinner suit, a very simple black wool & cashmere suit with wide peak lapels. Everyone always looks their best in evening wear.

7. What are your main passions and how do you cultivate them?

I love cooking: my wife and I always make time for one proper meal a week on Sunday. No holds barred, great food and great wine. It’s a time to relax, and cooking is a therapy for us both. I also love running, and I try to do it at least three days a week. I realised that running home from the office was the only way to incorporate it into my life, and it actually turned out to be the faster way home, so its a win on all fronts.

8. What does your ideal Sunday look like?

An ideal Sunday starts with walking our mini sausage dog Rolo around Battersea Park. My wife and I always have breakfast at The Pear Tree Cafe, where we know the food is amazing. We then spend most of the day roaming around Battersea and Chelsea, and normally end up on Pavilion Road having a glass at a fantastic wine bar called Mother Vine – a place that also sells rare and unusual bottles at reasonable prices. One usually ends up coming home with us for the evening meal. Then homeward for dinner, where we almost always cook something Italian, deeply comforting and usually pasta.

9. Describe an interesting trip you have taken and tell us what’s the next destination on your bucket list.

Honestly there are just too many to choose from! One of the joys of my job is being able to travel all over the world. This year we spent a lot of time in India, a part of the world I love for the stark cultural change from anywhere in Europe and for its amazing food, normally a prerequisite for me to enjoy any country. I also spent a few weeks in Istanbul, another enormous cultural melting pot which has so much energy. Its a city that is always buzzing, and the coastline is breathtaking. A frequent travel destination is Italy, where I go about 4/6 times a year; and yet, going back always feels great, and it will forever be on my bucket list. A cocktail at the Camparino in Milan is something I treasure every time I visit the city and can’t wait to have again in February.

10. Tell us what can never be missing in your liquor cabinet.

Building on my recommendation for Camparino, Campari holds a permanent place in my drinks cabinet. My wife surprised me with a limited edition 3L bottle, ensuring it will last quite a while, even with the best of intentions! Alongside that, I always keep a selection of fine whiskeys on hand.

11. What are your three favorite books?

Despite hoping for a more impressive response, a special place is held by Anthony Bourdain’s Kitchen Confidential, covering a life in the kitchen and the dark realities of the life of a chef.

One book that changed my management style and was incredibly helpful to me was Unreasonable Hospitality, written by leading restaurant manager Will Guidera. It fundamentally shifted our approach to customer experience within the business and significantly impacted my management style.

Finally I have to mention Polpo, Russel Norman’s cookbook. Although not a piece of fiction, it really has to be one of the go to books in our house. Norman was a hero in the restaurant world and this simple Italian cookbook of his just hits the spot. It’s nothing special, but maybe that’s why it’s special. It delivers in spades and is a genuine testament to his legacy.

12. What are your three favorite movies?

Casablanca will forever be my number one, for it is extremely classy and the tailoring in the film is incredible. The Great Beauty has always been a favourite, again the tailoring is immaculate and it always transports me to a glamorous version of Italy. Finally, Layer Cake, where Daniel Craig’s performance is great but the true star is Michael Gambon: everything he does is a total masterclass in acting.

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