Timeless Garments With a Personal Twist: Formula Iozzi’s Approach to Menswear

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Formula Iozzi is an Italian menswear brand animated by an unapologetic passion for engines and adventure. Its founder Federico Iozzi talks us through this issue of Brand Talks, explaining his very personal approach to garments design and his vision for the future of his brand.

Hello Federico, could you share with us a little about your background, and how you decided to create Formula Iozzi?

Since childhood, I’ve been drawn to two major passions: fashion and motors. The latter likely sparked in me because, as a kid, I’d tune in every Sunday to witness Schumacher’s Ferrari dominating in F1 and Valentino Rossi’s motorcycle prowess in MotoGP. As I grew older, I consistently sought ways to blend my interests, initially working for motorcycle industry publications and later diving into technical motorcycle apparel. Then, during the initial wave of the 2020 pandemic, the desire for a personal project emerged. And so, Formula Iozzi was born—a fusion of my two enduring passions.

What sparked your passion for menswear?

I’ve always been captivated by the world of cinema and entertainment, and I’m also an avid reader. Characters I admired or deemed as my idols and heroes in stories often possessed a distinct sense of style. Growing up with parents deeply entrenched in fashion and design meant hours spent wandering through shops worldwide—a childhood pastime that, truth be told, I sometimes found rather dull. Yet, during my parents’ market research endeavors focused on women’s shoes, you’d almost always find me in the men’s section, envisioning outfits. I reckon I was one of the very few kids who, each night before bed, would decide on the next day’s school outfit. Over the years, I’ve dared and created quite a bit, at times making debatable choices! Nevertheless, the joy of selecting what to wear remains unchanged.

What is the philosophy behind Formula Iozzi and the brand’s core values?

Formula Iozzi wants to provide a contemporary take on the Gentleman Lifestyle, aiming to fuse iconic looks and eclectic style with Italy’s renowned craftsmanship excellence. Our garments are sophisticated and timeless, designed for those who love to explore the world on wheels. Ideally, we encapsulate what should be the perfect outfit for a refined explorer.

What are some of the biggest challenges you have faced in building the brand, and how have you navigated these obstacles?

Our daily challenge lies in effectively reaching our ideal customers. We belong to a highly competitive niche market, and certainly, we are not a basic necessity. I would say that  our main goal is providing consumers with a product that can be appreciated and can be perceived as a lifetime investment thanks to its value. Furthermore, our production is 100% Made in Italy, and this is a continuous challenge in terms of costs and management. But we never back down!

Could you walk us through the research process behind the creation of a Formula Iozzi garment?

It all begins with my personal taste and how I envision my attire. The inspiration arises from my desire to express precisely what I have in mind, drawing from either vintage garments  or famous models from other brands. Subsequently, working alongside my team, we craft a mood board and proceed to curate materials for the initial sample.

Fortunately, we often have the privilege of sourcing rare, exquisite fabrics from our suppliers’ archives. Our advantage lies in consistently producing small capsules, eliminating the need for large quantities of fabric. In this regard, purchasing a Formula Iozzi garment is almost always akin to acquiring something unique that is unlikely to be replicated in the future. Once we refine the sample to make it distinctly ours, we are then poised for small-scale production.

Could you tell us the story of a Formula Iozzi garment that has a special meaning for you?

Our Rider, which I’m thrilled to announce will receive an updated version next year, certainly is the product that fills me with the most pride. It perfectly embodies the Formula Iozzi philosophy, reflecting our commitment to adventure and passion for engines. From the iconic eyewear pocket to the meticulously chosen materials, it epitomizes versatility. Whether on a desert expedition or worn over a tuxedo for a gala dinner, it never fails to leave a striking impression.

Are you planning to expand the Formula Iozzi collection beyond shirts, overshirts and accessories?

In my mind, Refined Explorers – both men and women – have a total look. The road is still very long, but I do have a total look project.

Which public figure, either from the past or present, do you believe best embodies the overall style of the brand?

There are numerous figures and characters whom I consider icons, not confined to the realms of cinema or entertainment but extending into our everyday lives. As I wander through the streets of Milan or other cities, I often encounter individuals that captivate me with their distinctive style and sense of elegance. Yet, there’s one historical figure that transcends them all, someone from whom I’ve drawn considerable inspiration—not merely for their style but for their boldness, sophistication, and the ever-subtle, unique details.

This figure can only be l’Avvocato, Gianni Agnelli. In essence, who wouldn’t want to step into the shoes of the Lawyer, even if only for a day? Cars, travels, adventure—he epitomizes the Dolce Vita, as if he was the last true king of Italy, but with unparalleled class and a daring attitude, always teetering on the edge. His inclination to flout established norms only to set new ones, and, above all, the ability to be so singular that everyone wishes to emulate him are the facets that render him an extraordinary figure.

Leave us with a motto that the company will always believe in.

I quote a song from my teenage that reflects very much the way I approach life: “Live a life you will remember.” Let’s consistently embrace the present, viewing each day as an adventure and refusing to restrain ourselves. It’s only through this approach that, in retrospect, we can find happiness, even when reflecting on our mistakes.

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