For Blugiallo, Individuality is the Ultimate Luxury

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Timeless design, quality materials and cutting-edge technology come together in Blugiallo’s garments, tailored to meet the demands of a clientele who values personalisation and individuality above trends and logos. We sit down with Alexander Moström, co-founder of the brand, to better understand this interesting approach.

Alexander Moström, co-founder of Blugiallo

Could you share with us a little about your background and what initially inspired you to create Blugiallo?

My professional background lies in fashion science, complemented by a degree in business and marketing. However, it’s intriguing to note that despite working within these fields for several years, I found myself lacking in passion and a sense of purpose. Although I navigated through various roles in sales, marketing, and business development, I couldn’t shake off the feeling of emptiness and emotional dissatisfaction. This realization prompted me to reassess my trajectory and seek out a path that resonated more deeply with me.

While I excelled professionally and enjoyed financial stability, I realized that my innate creativity and emotional depth were not fully engaged in my work. It was during this period, in my early twenties, that I crossed paths with Daniel, now my co-founder. Despite our age difference – he was still in school while working part-time at a small menswear shop offering custom-made clothing – our shared passion for quality craftsmanship sparked a meaningful connection.

The pivotal moment for me occurred when I experienced the personalized touch of custom-made clothing. The idea of garments tailored specifically to fit me, rather than conforming to mass-produced standards, left a profound impression. This experience planted the seeds for Blugiallo, igniting a desire to redefine the traditional approach to fashion.

Crafting this vision took time and contemplation, but at its core was the belief that custom-made apparel offers unparalleled benefits, both for consumers and businesses alike. Drawing from my background in business development, I sought to present custom-made fashion in a contemporary light. In an industry often tethered to conventional practices, I aimed to inject innovation and forward-thinking into Blugiallo’s ethos, mindful of fostering sustainable growth and evolution.

What is the meaning of your brand’s name and what does it signify?

The name Blugiallo has an Italian connotation. Indeed, “Blu Giallo” translates to “blue-yellow,” reflecting the colors of the Swedish flag. However, to us, it signifies more than just colors; it embodies a fusion of Italian and Swedish influences that both myself and my co-founder, Daniel, share. While Sweden and Italy may differ in many aspects, we saw an opportunity to blend the artisan craftsmanship and rich heritage of Italy with a more modern, contemporary approach tailored to the demands of modern life—a synergy we felt was sometimes lacking in Italian offerings. This concept formed the essence of our brand identity.

Interestingly, the origin of our brand name traces back to a shared passion: football. During a memorable dinner conversation, Daniel and I discovered our mutual interests in Italian culture, cuisine, wine, and, of course, football. It dawned on me that the nicknames associated with various football teams, commonly used in Italy, presented a perfect metaphor for our brand ethos. “Blu Giallo,” or “Blue Yellow,” happens to be the affectionate nickname for the Swedish national football team, aligning seamlessly with our brand’s Swedish roots and flag colors. This natural analogy encapsulates our vision of harmonizing diverse influences into a cohesive brand identity.

As a brand, what core values and beliefs does Blugiallo embody, and how do these inform the design and production of your products?

At Blugiallo, we place great emphasis on the term “Expressive Luxury,” a concept rooted in our deep-seated belief that clothing should be viewed and approached from a profoundly personal perspective. We’re committed to reshaping the consumer’s relationship with fashion, shifting away from the conventional model where products are pushed onto the market and towards a more personalized approach where individuals are prioritized.

Our philosophy is simple: we place the individual at the forefront. We start by understanding the unique personality and preferences of each person, and then we craft our designs, select materials, and choose colors and fabrics to create products that resonate with their identity. We believe in harnessing the personal value of clothing, a facet often overlooked in today’s fashion landscape.

When we talk about “Expressive Luxury,” we’re not referring to the classic notions of heritage luxury found in larger fashion brands. Instead, our luxury lies in the personalized service and products we offer, where individuals feel truly seen and heard. Transparency and authenticity are central to our approach, ensuring that our customers’ needs and preferences remain at the heart of everything we do.

Furthermore, community is paramount to us. We consider ourselves more than just a brand; we’re a family. From the very beginning, we’ve engaged closely with our clients, taking the time to understand their needs and preferences firsthand. Even today, we continue to prioritize these personal connections, meeting with clients individually to ensure that their voices shape our direction and offerings. Our loyal customer base is a testament to the strength of these relationships, and we remain deeply grateful for their ongoing support and feedback.

Could you provide more details on Blugiallo’s distinctive approach to personalized service?

Our business model is designed with flexibility in mind, acknowledging that each customer’s needs and preferences are unique. To cater to this diversity, we offer three distinct avenues for engagement. And every interaction begins with intentionality.

Firstly, for clients who prioritize design and luxurious fabrics, our signature ready-to-wear line, albeit limited in scale, presents a compelling option. While our ready-to-wear collection embodies our house cut and ethos, it offers a streamlined yet luxurious experience for those seeking immediate gratification.

Secondly, our custom-made service, which accounts for 85% of our offerings, caters to clients seeking a personalized touch. This service is available both online and in our showroom, ensuring accessibility regardless of location. Our online platform features a sophisticated algorithm that calculates bespoke measurements in under a minute, streamlining the process for clients. We recognize that while fit is crucial, true customization extends beyond measurements to encompass design preferences, color schemes, and fabric choices. Whether clients opt for a digital consultation or engage with one of our stylists in person, we strive to provide a seamless experience tailored to their needs.

Ultimately, our goal is to empower clients to navigate their sartorial journey on their terms, whether they prefer a hands-on approach or entrust us with the creative process. Flexibility is paramount, and we remain committed to delivering exceptional service that exceeds expectations.

What are some of your most beloved products, and what do you think makes them stand out to customers?

Our custom-made tailoring stands as the cornerstone of Blugiallo, embodying the essence of our brand in myriad ways. Rooted in Italian craftsmanship and tailoring traditions, our aesthetic draws inspiration from the Neapolitan school, characterized by lightweight, unconstructed designs that exude modernity and comfort. Unlike adhering strictly to a particular tailoring style, our approach prioritizes individuality and personality. Our house cut is a reflection of this ethos, designed to cater to individuals who value comfort, choice of materials, and timeless design over fleeting trends or ostentatious logos. This emphasis on personal expression resonates deeply with our clientele, making our custom-made tailoring a beloved and enduring product.

Additionally, our knitwear collection represents another highlight of our offerings. Crafted in a small Italian atelier using cutting-edge 3D knitting technology, our knitwear epitomizes the marriage of tradition and innovation. This forward-thinking approach not only minimizes waste but also showcases the atelier’s commitment to quality and craftsmanship. Whether it’s custom-made knitwear or ready-to-wear designs, our knitwear collection epitomizes luxury, boasting the finest materials sourced from esteemed suppliers such as Cariaggi, renowned for its premium cashmere. Despite the exceptional quality, we endeavor to offer our knitwear at a more accessible price point, providing customers with a modern take on a classic luxury product.

Are there any meaningful moments in the history of Blugiallo that you would like to share with us?

Reflecting on our journey, one transformative moment stands out: the onset of the COVID-19 pandemic. Like many businesses, we faced unprecedented challenges, experiencing a significant drop in turnover virtually overnight. It was a daunting period, but it also sparked a remarkable evolution in our approach.

Faced with adversity, we swiftly pivoted our business model, diversifying beyond our traditional focus on suits and shirts. Embracing the changing landscape, we expanded our offerings to include a more contemporary range of products, such as jeans, chinos, and casual soft materials. This shift not only allowed us to adapt to the shifting demands of our clientele but also enabled us to explore new avenues of expression and creativity.

While not a single moment per se, this transformative period represented a crucial juncture in our trajectory. It compelled us to reevaluate our priorities, innovate, and ultimately emerge stronger and more resilient than ever before.

Among the most iconic brands with a strong legacy, what is your favorite one and why?

There are numerous brands that I find inspiring for various reasons. While iconic names like Ralph Lauren and modern innovators like Aimé Leon Dore certainly capture my admiration, my greatest inspiration often stems from observing everyday individuals. Rather than focusing solely on renowned designers or luxury brands, I am intrigued by the way ordinary people express themselves through clothing with confidence and certainty. Whether it’s a well-tailored suit or a bold combination of colors and patterns, it’s the authenticity and personality reflected in their style that resonates with me the most.

In essence, my source of inspiration lies in the diverse tapestry of human expression found on the streets, where individuality takes center stage. This approach aligns perfectly with the ethos of Blugiallo, as we strive to empower our clients to embrace their unique personalities and express them through the garments they wear.

Is there a book, a movie, a trip or a place that has inspired your life or the creation of the brand?

While there are numerous sources of inspiration that have shaped my journey and Blugiallo’s direction, Italy and Sweden hold a special place in my heart. Both countries contribute to the rich tapestry of experiences and influences that define our brand’s expression. Traveling, encountering new places, and connecting with people from diverse backgrounds also play a significant role in our creative process, often serving as sources of inspiration for our campaigns and brand ethos.

Reflecting on my own persona, I find an intriguing contrast between the warmth and sociability stereotypically associated with Italians and the introspective nature characteristic of Swedes. This duality, reminiscent of my own “Jekyll and Hyde,” manifests itself in our brand, adding depth and complexity to our identity.

Beyond external influences, philosophy, particularly Stoicism, holds profound significance for me. Rooted in ancient wisdom, Stoicism guides not only my personal philosophy but also informs Blugiallo’s ethos. Embracing Stoic principles encourages us to focus on our own path, to be resilient in the face of challenges, and to continuously strive to be the best version of ourselves and our brand.

Currently, I’m immersed in ‘The Daily Stoic‘ by Ryan Holiday. It’s an insightful read.

In essence, Blugiallo is not merely a reflection of external influences but a synthesis of personal experiences, cultural backgrounds, and philosophical insights, all converging to shape our unique identity and vision.

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