A Conversation with Mr. Anmar Salman

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Meet Mr. Anmar Salman (@offthecuff.style) a Family Doctor from Ottawa, Canada.

Anmar, what does it mean for you to be a Modern Gentleman?

We live in an interconnected world, yet there seems to be a growing sense of disconnection and loneliness among men. The contemporary man should be connected, curious, and in a state of continuous learning. He should seek connection with fellow men, family, community, and most importantly, cultivate a profound connection with himself.

The modern man should also possess curiosity to explore the world around him, maintain an open mind, and embrace the beauty of diversity. He ought to emphasize the significance of learning, discovery, and the pursuit of new knowledge and skills, all while allowing personal growth and development to span a lifelong journey.

The modern gentleman must exemplify humility by being genuine, fully present, and mindful in his actions. This approach defines how he navigates through life, shaping a character of authenticity and integrity. He aspires to craft a life of fulfillment and purpose, leaving a lasting legacy of compassion and kindness wherever he treads.

How do you define your style?

Absolutely effortless. My focus always follows the principle of “less is more”. Over the years my style has evolved and I’ve learned to embrace the timeless elegance of monochrome while avoiding flashy colors or logos. I carefully craft my wardrobe to reflect my welcoming, yet mature and sophisticated style.

When it comes to style, where do you mostly get your inspiration from?

In the realm of fashion, I find inspiration from Andrew Weitz (@theweitzeffect), Brian Sacawa (@hespokestyle), and Jason Sarai (@stylebysarai). Those gentlemen have mastered the art of dressing in a way to complement their age and stylishly embrace timeless pieces.

When it comes to celebrities, my admiration goes to David Beckham, Stanley Tucci, and Pep Guardiola. These men, I feel, are the epitome of how a man should dress providing inspiration, yet combing effortless fashion styles creating a lasting, guiding impression.

What’s your personal style signifier?

A crisp white spread collar shirt paired with a navy suit and cotton pocket square. Simple, significant yet versatile.

What are your favorite wardrobe essentials?

The classic white shirt, navy pants, dark slim denim, a sophisticated sports jacket, and Cashmere sweaters.

What are your main passions and how do you cultivate them?

Over the years, my fascination for architectural buildings has immensely grown. I am blessed to live in Ottawa, a city boasting a diverse architectural scene. Furthermore, I am also close to Montreal, a city that charmingly embraces its old buildings and cobblestone streets. This further fuels my passion for artistry and architecture.

Though my profession is not related to architecture, my passion for it drew me closer to capturing the art of architectural photography. I can often be found strolling around, capturing unique angles and perspectives that showcase the natural beauty of these structures.

Another passion of mine is collecting pens. My heart holds a special place for Parker pens; they remind me of my late father, who loved his Parker pens. Each time I write with a Parker pen, the experience carries a sentimental value that is truly cherished.

Lately, I’ve ventured into the world of golf and learned to enjoy the game. I love being outdoors with friends, and there is something distinctive about the style of golf wear.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?

My ideal Sunday revolves around my friends and family. I enjoy Formula 1 race Sundays with my two close friends. Since our kids are also friends, it becomes the ultimate men’s Sunday, and we take turns hosting these gatherings.

Given the short summers in Canada, I cherish spending time on the water, followed by afternoon barbecues. Along with a bonfire with the family, this creates a perfect wind-down ambiance for a relaxing and memorable day.

Describe an interesting trip you have taken and tell us what’s the next destination on your bucket list.

Lisbon is a city that genuinely exudes a welcoming vibe. Its walkable streets invite you to explore, and experiencing its extravagant culinary scene while immersing yourself in its friendly ambiance makes you feel like a local. At every turn, you encounter Michelin-starred restaurants that add to the city’s undeniable charm.

As for my dream trip, it involves driving along the Mediterranean coast, creating enduring memories along the way.

Tell us what can never be missing in your liquor cabinet.

Hendrick’s Gin is my go-to for a Negroni.

What are your three favorite books?

Meditations by Marcus Aurelius and The Daily Stoic by Ryan Holiday are my go-to daily reads.

Man’s Search for Meaning by Viktor Frankl.

What are your three favorite movies?

The Gentlemen – The style of Mathew McConaughey and Charlie Hunnam is spot on.
Dark Knight Rises – The best Batman movie ever to be made.
The Godfather – Classic yet so much wisdom in each.

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