How I Slow Down and Recharge During the Day

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I bet many of you guys out there can relate – we are going constantly racing through the weeks; full-time job, parenthood, friends, a loving family, exercise, you need a good 7-8 hours of sleep – all things that we wish to make time for – but there is still only 24 hours a day and 7 days per week.

Making time for all the things we want can be tricky, and to be honest, quite stressful – and when you are going at this pace all the time, you are draining the energy and mental capacity to be fully present in the moments that you really want to be.

Recently, I have been making small tweaks and adjustments to my daily routines, to deliberately slow down and recharge during the day.

I start every weekday around 5.30 with a 30-minute workout before the rest of the house awakes. The exercise gives me a good start to the day, energy throughout the day, better sleep, a stronger body, etc. In addition to this, I run 3 times a week, which gives me 30 minutes to an hour worth of me-time to recharge.

Next is coffee. I have always been a drip kinda-guy in the morning, but lately, I have been brewing on my Moka pot as a part of my morning routine. The process is slower, you need to take your time to watch over it, which deliberately makes you stop and wait.

The commute
I commute about 40 minutes a day – primarily highway. But instead of speeding away on the highway at 130 KM/H, I take an earlier exit and drive the back roads the last couple of miles. This means when I show up at work the mental pace is completely different.

And lastly, I go to bed early – around 9.30 pm, lights out at 10. It may sound contrary to “more time” by cutting the day short, but when properly rested, your mental capacity is way vaster, making it possible for you to embrace the day.

These minor changes in my every day help me. Add to that, allowing yourself to find time for your hobbies and interests where time passes effortlessly. According to Dr. Robert Walding, with whom I got acquainted through one of my favorite podcasts, “Diary of a CEO” hosted by Steven Bartlett, the flow state provides you with many of the same advantages as meditation, providing you with energy, sense of peace and equanimity.

To me that’s taking a drive, playing golf, campouts – for others it’s playing music, gardening, or painting. Find time for your flow state, and slow down.

Cheers gents!

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