No Chaser Magazine’s Guerre on Uniting Cultures Through Style

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A Q&A with Guerre ‘Karl-Edwin Guerre’, No Chaser Magazine‘s Founder & Editor-in-Chief

In this month’s Scent of Paper interview, we speak with Guerre ‘Karl-Edwin Guerre’ (@guerreisms), Founder and Editor-in-Chief of No Chaser, a print magazine and a global media brand celebrating visual arts, music, travel, and culture – All things related to style.

Guerre discusses his background in street-style photography and menswear, as well as the philosophy and unique perspective behind No Chaser Magazine, touching on the latest issue’s theme, “Return to Family Values”.

Guerre, you have been defined as one of the most elegant men on the planet, and through your website and social media handle @guerreisms, you have been curating a lifestyle of ‘nonchalant elegance’ since 2008.
Tell us a little about your background, and how you got into street-style photography and menswear.

I’ve always considered myself a curator of style. I was heavy in the New York poetry scene in the early 2000’s, I had a record label, and somehow was always involved in style. I remember seeing a few images online, and in GQ magazine, and thinking to myself the idea of capturing people on the street would be exciting. I wasn’t blown away by the subjects photographed, but the idea was fresh. At the time it didn’t take much to have me running the streets of New York, I enjoyed seeing every part of New York and felt comfortable in all environments. This was what gave me access to some of the most stylish people in New York.

Recently, you have decided to go the next step in your career and created a print magazine called No Chaser. What’s the philosophy behind No Chaser, and what makes it different from other men’s style magazines?

During Covid, like countless others, I wondered what was next. I’ve been fortunate to wear the hat of a photographer for many publications that I respect, and I’m grateful for that. I however felt, as an artist, it was time to start a new chapter. No Chaser Magazine, in some way, has always been brewing in my mind, it was just a matter of the right time. The fact that print magazines were shutting down, and supposedly everyone’s attention span was shorter made me say it was the right time.

The idea behind No Chaser Magazine is to speak to a global community that appreciates style. It’s about beautiful craftsmanship, simple pleasures, and quality. What makes it different is the perspective in which the subject matter is approached, but also it’s different because I believe that during my years in the industry, I’ve been able to stay connected to the heartbeat of style. No Chaser is about style and, more importantly, lifestyle.

Can you elaborate on the concept of “uniting cultures through style” that inspired the creation of No Chaser Magazine? How does the publication embody this vision through its content and storytelling approach?

Style is universal, not relegated to one place. Our belief at No Chaser is that we can and should speak to a mindset. A mindset that understands that men of style always have a common starting/reference point, even if the style is different. This in itself allows for possibilities. We hope that each issue reflects our philosophy. We are international in terms of team, content, and vision.

Who would you say the readership is and why do you think the magazine resonates with them?

Since we focus on mindset, our readership is diverse both in age and cultural background – this was our goal. As far as why it resonates, I can only assume it’s because it’s a different type of publication at the right time. We didn’t want to be another GQ or Esquire, instead, we wanted to create something fresh and unexpected.

Can you delve deeper into the theme of “Return to Family Values” for the latest issue of No Chaser Magazine? How does it align with No Chaser‘s overall mission and what can readers expect to see in this issue?

Each issue has a theme. The first was “Return of The Rebellious Spirit”, the second was “Redefining American Style”, the third was “Reverberated Heat” and the fourth was “Return To Family Values”.

For each issue, we present the theme and allow the contributors creative freedom in creating what they are compelled and inspired to create. We have contributors from around the world and to have them share what they feel the theme meant makes the issue special. It goes back to finding that one thing that unites us regardless of where we are from and focusing on the common thread.

How has No Chaser evolved since its creation, and what do you see as its future direction?

Our first issue was 150 pages, while the second and subsequent ones exceeded 190 pages. Each issue is a learning process and we’ve definitely made changes that contributed to a smoother transition between articles. As far as future direction, right now the focus is to continue what we started.

We live in a world where everything moves fast and people’s attention has dropped significantly. A print magazine forces us to slow down and enjoy the moment. What’s your take on it and how do you see the future of magazines and paper?

We live in a world where we are told that our attention span has dropped significantly. Do I believe that? For the most part, no. I believe people buy into it because it’s marketing and it helps sell massively. I still want to take my time, learn, read, and get the full scope of things I enjoy.

No 10-second clips could feed my soul. My goal is not to cater to the ones who swear by Tik Tok. Instead, my aim is to reach the person who believes in simple pleasures, quality, craftsmanship, and all things style. The future for magazines and print will either follow the trends or break ground. Truth be told, I can’t focus on the others… That’s why we’re No Chaser.

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