VeVille Watches

VeVille Watches has been several years in the making, but it wasn’t until a random meeting at a café in Venice Beach that everything fell into place: Gustaf, co-founder of the brand, sat in the sun overlooking the palm trees when a vintage Porsche rolled up next to him.

A man wearing a white tee and sun faded jeans exited the car. On his wrist he had a vintage diver watch with a well-worn leather strap. The mystery man in the Porsche emitted a self confidence and style that Gustaf wanted for himself.

It was at this moment that everything became clear, and VeVille was born.

The Metier Collection is inspired by iconic looking men in California, living life on their own terms, combined with a Scandinavian heritage.
This results in a new classic for the modern man.

Every part of the Metier is custom designed and all of the materials are carefully chosen to create that timeless vintage look. From the non-breakable steel case to the premium genuine suede band, it all makes the Metier a reliable lifetime companion.

Comfortable to wear all-day, it looks fantastic paired with classic menswear, rugged style and relaxed beachwear.
Depending on your preferred style, it comes with either Rosé Gold or Satin Silver finished details.

You will simply own every moment with the Metier.

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