Christian Kimber

The fashion industry today is often more focused on profit-margin than craft. This manifests in low-quality garments produced en masse with little thought as to the art or origin of the item.

In contrast to fast-fashion, Christian Kimber is dedicated to the promise of timeless, functional and durable garments of the highest quality. Redefining modern Australian menswear, Christian Kimber is committed to the philosophy of the slow-lifestyle that the brand caters to in the production of every product.

Christian Kimber only works with independent, ethical and family-run manufacturers in Florence and Sofia that work hard to put their people first.

Garment Dyed Products: the process of “garment-dyeing” is an iconic and distinctive characteristic of Christian Kimber house.
The brand works with its colour laboratory using high quality white or raw un-coloured Italian fabric which is washed and dyed as a final manufacturing step.

As opposed to the conventional method of manufacturing garments from pre-dyed fabric.
This makes Christian Kimber’s clothing feel worn-in and softer. They actually get better with age, compared to the other garments in your wardrobe.
Most of its shirts, overcoats, blazers, jackets and trousers have this production process.