Quartieri Milano

Quartieri Cravatte is an Italian tie brand founded by Fabio Sbranchella.
Each Quartieri tie is immersed in Milan’s fashion tradition and boasts a heritage from Porta Romana, just a few steps away from Duomo.

The heritage of the Brand starts in Milan in the 1930s, when the founder’s grandmother Antonietta Quartieri started to work in several tailor shops in the city center, since she couldn’t work as an apprentice in her father’s shoe shop where her father used to work.

While she started by picking up cut pieces of fabric from the floor, she eventually became an accomplished tailor. Everything was strictly handmade, since the use of their only sewing machine was restricted to the shop owner.

She kept gaining experience with joy and levity, even through the difficult years of the war, always wearing a smile on her face, switching easily from crafting shirts, to raincoats and even ties. Nobody carried on this tradition, so a very important part of Fabio’s family and his heritage was at risk of being lost forever, slowly sliding into oblivion.

Fabio’s passion and this realization led him to search for a unique product which includes two different souls: one deeply rooted in his past and his traditions, and another connected with the present: that’s how Quartieri ties were born.

Revisited classic designs join modern shapes to create a unique and sophisticated tie.

Each Quartieri tie is placed in a precious box, a chest handcrafted in Italy using refined materials. The package is customized for each client as something precious to treasure for the years to come.

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