DOPPIAA stands for Alain and Albert.

DOPPIAA stands for the double initials of an imaginary style alphabet.

DOPPIAA is for gentlemen of all ages, people who find pleasure in distinguishing themselves by wearing high-quality clothes of great originality, while always remaining true to their aesthetic.

Like a time machine travelling through generations of elegant men, DOPPIAA dresses the grandson and the grandfather, the uncle, the father and gentlemen of all ages.

The style is for a wide range of men in command of their aesthetic who wish to be recognised for the original, wellmade and high quality clothes they wear. This style is as authentic as its wearers.

The way DOPPIAA divides each collection into specific branches with a characteristic total look and distinguished outerwear is a highly effective tool to present a mood of style to each diverse, multigenerational target audience.

The offerings – from relaxed elegance to extreme sophistication – are coherently complementary in their distinctiveness. All carry the brand’s characteristic values and distinct aspects.

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