Hopes and Dreams for 2023

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To me, the turning of the calendar each year is a time for hopes and dreams. I’m not a huge “resolutions” person, but I do believe in welcoming the new year manifesting positive thoughts for what this tabula rasa has in store.

In 2023, I hope for more grace in the world, grace not only for others but for ourselves. As I get older, I’m constantly reminded of my own humanity which is to say my own imperfections and eccentricities. I also think in the modern era of performative social media and abundant vitriol seeping seemingly into every corner of the world, life for all of us is full of stress and anguish, and we need to take care of each other better which begins with taking care of ourselves better.

I dream of a world without judgment. Writing this, I know how ridiculously unrealistic this is, but as we say often at work, “it’s about progress, not perfection” and taking steps, however small, to reduce the amount of judgment that comes far too naturally to us as humans is a worthy pursuit in my eyes. To do so, we need to first become aware of our judgmental tendencies and only then can we work at reducing and – one can dream – eliminating them.

I hope for more travel – for me and for each of you. Without question, some of the richest and most memorable moments of my life occur while traveling. It’s one of the greatest joys that opens our eyes to the infinite ways life can be lived. Travel isn’t aways easy – it costs money, demands time away and often requires juggling responsibilities – but it’s always worthwhile, so I hope we all can find ways to travel more in 2023.

I dream of more opportunities to wear black tie. This is an extravagant one, but as someone who envies other generations where three-piece suits were one’s daily uniform and black tie the standard for weekend activities, I would enjoy more occasions to don mine. Don’t you, too, wish there were more occasions to get gussied up and hit the town with your nearest and dearest, even if only to celebrate it being a Friday?

In 2023, I hope for deeper, richer and more meaningful friendships. True friendship – the kind where you can completely be yourself; where the conversation flows like a fine Boudreaux; and where the relationship adds so much more to your life than it takes – is hard to come by, especially, it feels, the older one gets. This coming year, I hope to create deeper bonds with friends both old and new.

And, following years where I feel this hasn’t seemed the case, I dream of a 2023 where humanity collectively does better and takes steps forward as a civilization. This means – among many things – arguing less and listening more, looking out for each other, creating instead of destroying, celebrating instead of canceling, loving instead of hating.

Here’s to 2023 and all our collective hopes and dreams.

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