The Key People a Gentleman Needs in His Circle

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When I was in my late 20s, I remember reading that a gent’s closest friends were his barber and his tailor. I could grasp the barber being mentioned as barbershops were usually a place of uninhibited conversations but due to rarely needing a tailor back then I couldn’t see how that could be. Fast forward to today I see how there are key persons that should be in a gentleman’s life, outside of his barber and his tailor of course. A gent needs his immediate circle of influence to be sound and for this article let’s give them some names.

Mr. Thurston, The Mentor – Usually someone older, someone that has lived the success you want to achieve. He’s someone that will give you genuine advice, perspective based on experience, and direct instruction on what you should do. He pulls no punches in telling you where you’re slipping and he’s also the person that when the time is right can assist in increasing your relationship capital through introductions to the right people.

Adrian, The Wingman – The gent that’s down for making moves at a moment’s notice. He’s the one that if the door of opportunity is jammed, he would lend his shoulder to charge through and then calmly help you regain your poise.

Jason, The Connector – He’s the one that helps you find the people you need to make things happen if he can’t do it himself. He believes to go far you go together, networking and building mutually beneficial relationships is why he’s valuable to your circle.

Lorenzo, The Analyst – This person helps you look at your big goals and break them down to their basic form so you can better understand your next course of action. He would make sure you’re ready to take advantage of opportunities as they arise and even analyze the opportunities to ensure they’re aligned with what you want to achieve before you venture.

Overall, all the persons mentioned are gents you would gladly introduce to your closest friends, your barber, your tailor, and spend time with enjoying a dram or two at the cigar lounge.

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