Espresso Martini Anyone?

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As summer approaches, sun rays hit differently, days get longer, and time turns out to be a bit more relative. A perfect time to enjoy my existence while having my favourite summer cocktail: the Espresso Martini.

If you’ve read my “Reflections around an Old Fashioned,” you already know I really enjoy a good conversation over a drink or two – even if it’s with myself.

And in summer, I love to do that while sipping what I consider a perfect combination: the flavour of coffee and the strength of vodka, all mixed in a cold, refreshing cocktail.

It’s no guess that you love coffee too, so I’m pretty sure there will be other Espresso Martini aficionados who might share my taste.

I’m by no means a cocktail expert, but there’s a reason I love cocktails: it’s the art around them, which is undeniable craftsmanship. Like that good piece of clothing or that magnificent watch mechanism, it’s putting the best pieces together to create a superior form of an element. Collaboration at its best. The best example of how teamwork—here with ingredients—can create something better than those elements alone.

And in this case, one of the main pillars is an espresso. Pure energy and taste.

Whether it’s your first time or you’re already an Espresso Martini connoisseur, here’s yet another sign to go for it now. Get that rush and caramel taste of coffee with the character of vodka while feeling the warmth of a summer evening.

The tamed and the untamable. A perfect example of how opposite poles attract each other and can be unstoppable and unique.

What a perfect combination to welcome the summer months – that time of year when, I hope, you get another opportunity to enjoy life, let time pass without a care, and appreciate good flavours, pleasant scents, and great company.

I humbly hope my suggestion can help you achieve that peak state of mind: remember, it’s always a good time to enjoy yourself.


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