The Worst Question

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“If you were to choose only one watch – what would it be”?
Asking a watch-person to take a stand on this, is like asking an Italian to converse with their hands stuck in their pocket – it’s doable but close to impossible. For some reason, most of “us” seem to possess the hunger for most of the ticking wonders out there; the question is a fun exercise, regardless of your current collection. Yes, I am going to share my choice – but some might already have an idea.

I cannot dodge the fact that a few watches have come and gone over the years, so I have a pretty good idea of my own personal preferences; this is a highly subjective topic, and I believe that your choice will tell a lot about a person, as many things must be taken into consideration.

Frequent followers know that I am sucker for history, icons, classics, storytelling, so naturally, I lean towards a classic and timeless piece in this aspect as well. I love when there is a captivating history behind – something I can immerse myself into and share with like-minded (and unfortunate innocents who dare to ask).

Versatility is absolute key – needs to be a perfect companion on a shelter trip timing the moka-pot, fit as well with a beat-up Barbour jacket and a white tee, as it slips elegantly under a French cuff. Most of my watch-acquaintances tend to lean towards divers (mostly desk-divers, let’s be honest) but I have always been attracted to the chronographs – maybe it’s because I am car-nut as well and these two things just go hand in hand; but also, with non-chronographs, I often feel something missing.

But probably the most important and final reason for my choice – this is the watch I automatically reach for in the morning:

my Omega Speedmaster Broad Arrow ref. 3551.50.00.

For me, this ticks all the boxes: pedigree, looks, size, brand – everything. The Speedmaster was my first horological love, and therefore always holds a very special place and will never (again) be missing in my collection… And what’s more important – I can feel a little like an astronaut – as I presume most wearers of the Speedmaster do.

That said – one watch – never going to happen!

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