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The first picture that always comes to mind when the topic is heirlooms (and watches), is Christopher Walken as Captain Koons in “Pulp Fiction”, who in his own peculiar, however very descriptive, fashion, recites this famous monolog, capturing the essence of an heirloom.

Pulp Fiction – The gold watch monologue

Well, figuratively speaking that is – an heirloom does not have to be transported around for 7 years in unmentionable places, to mean something special.

An heirloom comes in any form and its symbolic gesture is very personal. When I addressed a small number of gentlemen, whose opinions I value greatly, on how they perceived the meaning and acknowledgment of an heirloom, their answers were very similar: it is an item of great personal value (not necessarily monetary) but the provenance, scars and life lived are all encapsulated in this items, and you are the person who has been chosen to carry on this item and add your own story and scars to it.

It gives you a feeling of sharing your future endeavors, with the person from whom you have received the heirloom. Almost every inch of my house is filled with them – everything from an old shaker in my home bar, paintings, a transportable 3-flask-carrier (now portable handheld negroni-bar) to watches from both my father and grandfathers; I love to share the stories with every person who asks (and also those who don’t) – even my daughters, reluctantly, have to listen to my tireless storytelling.
But to me, heirlooms are a part of our story.

Both my daughters “have a watch coming” at some point! Klara’s Longines Heritage Conquest Chronograph was ordered immediately after her birth, in the restroom of the hospital (NOTE: no further connection to Captain Koons here!).

Frederikke’s Tag Heuer 1000 Professional was bought around her first birthday and has the engraving “I love you this much” on the case back from the previous owner (that story did not end well it seems).
Both these watches have a peculiar back story to them besides the ones I and they will give them.

@iheardthat hits the nail right on the head here: “An heirloom is in essence what binds us together as families”.


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