Life beautifully filled

Given the bold warnings which defile its otherwise timeless packaging society seems intent to demonise the cigar. Smoking is not a pastime of the actively health conscious.
Yet—if Netflix “The Social Dilemma” is to be believed—then your phone should similarly be emblazoned with a caution for being addictive and damaging. I thought it odd that Netflix—a big data company who relies on algorithms—should be the one to warn us about big data companies who rely on algorithms; the natural cynic thinking that perhaps if we put down our phones on an evening then we might more consciously return to watching TV.

Regardless, it seems that social-media is addictively habit-forming and has the potential to manipulate us as users. To anyone who has contemplated this already, then the news comes as nothing new. I do believe however, that social media—like TV—has a purpose for good—it can be highly informing and exploratory when engaged in consciously rather than passively.

The ultimate lesson in living well is perhaps that the moments of our life should be filled mindfully. Each thing we do should be considered if it is to make life richer. If we actively choose to watch Netflix, that time should be spent entertained rather than merely vegetative. If we use social media it should be done with a similar spirit. If we wish to pass time idly we should do this in the best manner too.

Cigar smoking is the original post-dinner social pastime. It also has the ability to change us for the better: PJ O’Rourke once said “I really think cigar smoking does make you smarter; or maybe it makes you sit still long enough to be smart.” To those who forgo warnings the cigar is a perfect token of life. Like life, a cigar is a fleeting thing that doesn’t last forever. Each inhalation should be enjoyed so as not to be wasteful of the experience.
It is perfect reminder that all things in life are temporary and that moments should be savoured to the full—even those spent idly.

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