Classic Italian Style Meets Quintessential British Fashion

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From Instagram feeds to bar menus, the Negroni has become the drink of choice for many discerning gentlemen. And it’s no wonder why. Created by an Italian Count nearly a century ago, it’s become synonymous with sophistication. When one drinks a Negroni, there are hints of juniper, lemon, and sprezzatura with every sip.

The real beauty of the drink is that there’s very few places where one wouldn’t feel at home with a Negroni in hand. After-work drinks, munching on cicchetti in Venice, lounging in linen poolside  — all scenarios welcome an ice-clinking sip of this beloved ruby-colored cocktail. When one has perfected the drink (or found a bartender worth his salt), there’s no going back. Save the gin and tonics for your mother. Eschew the too-sweet margarita for holidays in Cancun. Knowing what you want to drink leaves open room for more pressing questions to ask the bartender, such as, “Can I smoke my cigar in here?”

It’s not a surprise, then, that Gents Cafe would seek out the experts on this beloved cocktail to learn more about it. Enter House of Negroni, the preeminent authority on the culture and history of the drink. Operating on the belief that a Negroni is an inclusive drink that elevates the bar experience, House of Negroni has grown to be a global movement.

We share many values with the House of Negroni team by believing that any experience can be elevated and that the good things in life — from watches to cocktails to everything in between — should be savored.

Over the years, House of Negroni has included in-person hosted events to bring their community together. These events have mostly centered in Dubai (where House of Negroni Managing Partner, John Gillespie lives), but this week the House will be hosting an event in London at the Savile Row shop, Cad & The Dandy.

During this three-day event, House of Negroni will take over the beloved tailoring shop to bring a bit of la dolce vita to British sensibility. During these hosted evenings, you’ll be encouraged to indulge in the Negroni lifestyle, including a cocktail Masterclass, an art exhibition, House merchandise, among other things. The true beauty of this event will be bringing the community of aficionados together to meet one another and share a drink (and a few laughs).

Keep reading, we have an exclusive opportunity for you!

We are thrilled to be working as media partner for this event and we invite any discerning gentlemen (and women!) to join.

The Negroni has become shorthand for a life well-lived and all of us – Gents Cafe, House of Negroni, and Cad & The Dandy — believe that having a drink in hand makes that life all the more enjoyable.

To ensure members of our community get a chance to participate in this event, we’re giving away six tickets for each night. These tickets are on a first-come, first-serve basis. To receive yours, please respond to this email with your full name and the preferred date you’d like to attend. You will receive a confirmation from me shortly thereafter.

For more information about the event, see the invite below. We hope to see you there, but in the meantime: cheers, cin cin, and santé!

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