Tela Blu: Casual Menswear for Millennials

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Tela Blu is an Italian Fashion Brand born in 2017 in Turin that represents one of the first brands in Italy to develop an innovative business model based on the reduction of intermediation costs, allowing customers to save up to 50% on garments of the same quality.

Tela Blu aims to become one of the main brands in the affordable luxury market, offering high-quality men’s clothing.

What’s the philosophy behind the brand and product at Tela Blu?

We specialize in the casual menswear segment, our products are conceived, designed and manufactured for Millennials. Our core values are quality and accessibility.

The bond with our customers is based on ethics and transparency: we tell the customer everything that is behind each garment, with special attention to sustainability.

Initially, we sold online only, now we also offer real-world retail experiences through our physical stores in Turin (corporate headquarters) and Padua.

How do you approach design at Tela Blu and where do you find inspiration for new products?

In Tela Blu we take care of every step in the creation of our products. Every season we work to improve our essentials that are the core of our collection and we add capsule collections with more particular and refined garments.

We think that heritage clothes goes perfectly with modern fabrics and contemporary designs.

What public figure (recording artist, film star…), past or present, do you feel best represents the overall style of the brand?

I don’t think there is a character that reflects 100% what we do. Our inspiration comes from so many different things that mix and match to create what we are.
We are in love with 50s fashion and its style icons but also the characters that characterized the 80s and 90s with their class are for us an infinite source of inspiration and in which we recognize ourselves.

Name the best song to go with your brand.

Tela Blu has an account on Spotify in which we publish our playlists with the songs that accompany us throughout the year, both in the office and in our stores.
A mix of classic and modern that includes blues, jazz-rock but also indie and pop.
From Stevie Wonder to the Beatles to Prince.

How has the brand evolved over time?

Over the years, Tela Blu has always remained linked and has always been guided by its founding values. The most significant evolution it has had is certainly in the product. We started with a few items, today we offer a complete total look made of more the 150 items which alternate from month to month.

Where does Tela Blu manufacture its products?

We work mainly with local suppliers but we have contacts with companies all over the world for both raw materials and façon.

What is the relationship between you and the brand’s suppliers?

After many seasons, the relationship we have with our partners is getting closer and stronger, especially with the suppliers we have been working with from the beginning.
In fact, we believe that to create an excellent product you must first of all create solid and trusting relationships with suppliers.

How much do you think sustainability is important in today’s fashion industry and how does it fit with your vision?

Sustainability has now become the norm, there is no future that does not go in this direction. In the next few years we will make great strides in these terms in all sectors, not just ours. Those who have not invested to improve in this regard will be excluded from the market.

In Tela Blu we have been working in this direction since the first season by choosing sustainable solutions for our processes and sustainable materials for our products. We started with Candiani Denim’s sustainable Jeans and – each season – we insert new recycled materials.

Leave us with a motto that the company will always believe in.

Modern Classic menswear made with the world’s finest fabrics at fair prices. This is what we do (and forever will do it) and it is the reason why we started.
Offering a quality product at the right and fair price.

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