1930 Speakeasy – Milan, Italy

The second speakeasy of our series. Before getting the chance to enter the location, in order to maintain the timeless atmosphere and sensationalism that the locations preserves, you are invited to avoid taking pictures and posting them online.

Feeling like you are set back in time won’t be hard: the furniture, the ornaments, and even the smell in the air feels like vintage and it resembles our great grandparents’ stories.

It really is a speakeasy: no one knows the address, and to hear the words you’re in, you’ll have to be chosen by a member or by one of the owners. Its fame lies in its secrecy.

No one knows much about it, and that’s the beauty of it. Even the drinks you are going to enjoy will be something you have never heard of before, or could not have imagined.

Someone says the food is superb, and, even if I believe no one would want to take a break from a place like this, that there is another room filled with spirits where you can take a break and smoke a cigarette.

A personal request: if for some reason you get in, send me a text!