Cigala’s: A “Less is More” Approach to Denim

Cigala’s is a female brand that was founded by Tarcisio Galavotti in 2000 and it’s completely dedicated to the world of denim. Cigala’s’ aim is to combine the “historic” American charm of jeans with a refined and sophisticated contemporary fit.

Mr. Galavotti, what first got you interested in denim and what inspired you to start Cigala’s?

The air of Urbania. In the northern hinterland of the Marche region, we all grew up on “bread and jeans”. My mother was a jeans worker. There was even a priest-manufacturer: a real pioneer who introduced the manufacturing of jeans as an activity for local women. So let’s say that, despite my studies as a surveyor and computer technician, which for the time was pure avant-garde, I, too, eventually found myself – with pleasure to tell the truth –dealing with jeans.

After an initial more industrial phase, on behalf of third parties, I then preferred to create something totally mine, which could also involve the specialized operators of my district, creating a virtuous network, able to give work and thus preserve the know-how of many small manufacturers and suppliers. The Cigala’s naming, therefore, expresses who I am and what I can do: “Gala” is how everyone calls me and Cigala’s is somewhat reminiscent of the cicadas (cicala in Italian) of our sunny countryside.

What does denim represent for you, and how has it evolved over time?

For me, denim has always represented something revolutionary, new, and young. From the 60’s onwards, it has certainly lost some of its rebellious soul and has also become a very fashionable product. But, for me, it is and always will be a product for everyone.

“Less is more” is your philosophy. In fact, your products can be defined as “No-brand”: they are self-explanatory, full of history, quality and tradition. What’s the secret to developing a product like this?

It is the capillary study of shapes, to ensure a perfect fit. This work, which we have been carrying out for years, has made us grow and people to know our brand. Our jeans are actually recognizable for this very reason, for their ability to dress well, to caress the skin with the choice of excellent materials, all made in Italy.

Our secret is our ability to work together with many excellent suppliers, team up with them, and put all our passion into perfecting ourselves more and more.

How do you approach design at Cigala’s and where do you find inspiration for new products?

We listen to both our end customers and our retailers. Listening means translating a need for style or wearability into something concrete that can be worn. So inspiration always comes from real life. From the desires and needs of the women who wear Cigala’s or who wear and sell it.

Sustainability is at the core of everything you do: how does it fit with your products and the relationships with your suppliers and partners?

Yes, ours is indeed a sustainability based – above all – on relationships. We don’t just introduce nickel-free rivets, but we involve an old paper mill in Fabriano to make our tags by recycling used denim. In this way, we also create a shorter supply chain. It is therefore an eco-ethical sustainability, based on respect for people’s work, on the enhancement of our production district and, finally, on natural or recyclable materials.

What public figure, past or present, do you feel best represents the overall style of the brand?

Drew Barrymore and Jennifer Aniston. They are two superwomen that I would like to see soon… wearing my jeans!

Name the best movie or song to go with your brand.

Pulp Fiction and Charlie’s Angels are part of Cigala’s DNA

Mr. Galavotti, leave us with a motto that the company will always believe in.

Denim is all that never goes out of style.