Mr. Steve Knorsch

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Meet Mr. Steve Knorsch (@thesnobreport) from New York City, Managing Director at Cad & The Dandy USA.

Steve, how do you define your style?

My style is very classic with a certain twist. I stick to similar classic menswear staples like navy and grey suits, but being in the industry I really have learned an appreciation for beautiful, unique fabrics.

What does it mean for you to be a Modern Gentleman?

The ideals of a Gentleman do not change over time. The original definition states that a gentleman (originating from the French gentilhomme) is “any man of good and courteous conduct.” I think that the same values hold true today.

When it comes to style, where do you mostly get your inspiration from?

I find inspiration from everywhere but you have to be open to all visual stimuli. It can be from books and magazines, movies and television. Also, by going to see art exhibits and museums. There is so much to learn from seeing specific color combinations in paintings, but also by looking at friends, colleagues and like-minded gentlemen on Instagram and seeing how they dress. It’s all very inspiring to me.

What’s your personal style signifier?

My beard. Aside from clothing, it is probably my most distinctive feature.

What are your favorite wardrobe essentials?

A good, distinctive pair of shoes, kept in prime condition.

What are your main passions and how do you cultivate them?

I like art, literature and travel, and indulge my passions every day.

What does your ideal Sunday look like?

Brunch with dear friends, followed by a good stroll and a visit to a favorite museum.

Describe an interesting trip you have taken and tell us and what’s the next destination on your bucket list.

My favorite destination is the African continent because exploring the landscapes, wildlife, people and cultures renews my spirit. Next on my bucket list is a trip through Southern Spain, exploring the cities and culture of Andalusia.

Tell us what can never be missing in your liquor cabinet.

Not the cabinet but the refrigerator, it always has a chilled bottle of champagne at the ready.

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