Negronis, Italian Sprezzatura and Sophistication at Savile Row

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No one likes to drink alone, and the members of House of Negroni are no different. In fact, for Gents Cafe and the House, it’s the more the merrier. That’s why, when House of Negroni came to London three weeks ago, we wanted to see how the brand was bringing Italian sprezzatura and sophistication to Savile Row.

Well-dressed gents crowded the sidewalk in front of Cad & The Dandy and the pop-up bar inside to get immersed into the ethos of the House. From masterclasses on perfecting the perfect sip to a Negroni-inspired art exhibit, guests were invited to explore the complexities of the drink that has become the cocktail de jure of the gentlemanly crowd.

With the help of Bacardi Martini, the House was supplied with classic liquor choices for the evening. Each Negroni was crafted with Bombay Sapphire, which created a clean canvas for the in-house bartenders to work their magic. From the classic Martini to the more subtle St-Germain, guests had a top-shelf experience from start to finish.

We hope those who attended got a taste of what the House of Negroni represents and plan to attend more events in the future. In fact, this is just one of many House events planned for the near future.

Photo credit: @mohansinghphoto
Photo credit: @mohansinghphoto

For the Negroni-obsessed, or for those who just have good taste in home decor, the Negroni fridge, in partnership with SMEG, showcased House of Negroni’s desire to create an experience, not just an event.

Stocked with canned cocktails (Togroni, Nogroni, Classic Negroni & Boulevardier), guests could pick their favourite, crack it open, and keep cool – and a little buzzed – throughout the night. We wouldn’t have been surprised if a few of these petite cans ended up in a jacket pocket on the way out.

During the London event, one guest was eligible to win a custom House of Negroni Smeg. The winner will be announced in the following weeks.

Photo credit: @mohansinghphoto
Photo credit: @mohansinghphoto

Part of the shared philosophy behind House of Negroni and Gents Cafe is to educate our audiences to be able to be a gentleman anywhere they go. With that in mind, Master Classes were offered at the Cad & The Dandy to teach attendees how to create a perfectly crafted cocktail.

Over the course of the three days, guests were taught how to make various drinks that highlighted the flavors and personalities of the sponsored liquors: Martini, St. Germaine, and Bombay Sapphire.

Recipes for a Classic Negroni, Togroni, and Negrocho are included here for your reading (and sipping) pleasure.

Photo credit: @mohansinghphoto
Photo credit: @mohansinghphoto

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